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captain smiley downton abbey

He asks her if she had ever considered adoption, but she tells him that the idea would never work for him nor her as they would want their own child. Anna's mother managed to convince police that it was an accident and he had slipped, but Anna is now terrified that either the police have found a file on the incident or her stepfather had heard of her arrest and tipped them off and it would be used to disprove the Crawleys' character reference of her and portray her as violent. In 1913, Mason's wife dies of a heart attack leaving him on his own on their farm. When they return, Bates knows that it was she, not Mary that had the medical emergency; however, this time she tells him that the news is happy and that she is in fact pregnant, to which Bates is overjoyed. Some of the family do not recognize her at first, but when they do they are surprised at her elevated status. At the end of the third series, Tom becomes the land agent for the estate and helps modernise Downton. Lavinia dies at Downton of Spanish influenza after Matthew regains use of his legs and shortly before their wedding. During and after the war, Violet remains a strong influence at Downton Abbey but finds her influence under threat as social norms change, particularly from Isobel Crawley, with whom she has a tendency to quarrel, and her daughter-in-law Cora, both of whom are more forward-thinking and strong-minded women. Most of the staff give him the cold shoulder, while Thomas and O'Brien try to get rid of him to further their own ends. Throughout the first series she is often seen bossing around and shouting at Daisy while working but cares for her like a daughter and often offers her advice. Timid by nature, other characters frequently take advantage of her naivete or pull rank by tricking her or handing her the more undesirable and menial tasks. Andy helps Mr Mason move into Yew Tree Farm with Mrs Patmore and Daisy. She gets a new hairstyle announces that she will leave Downton Abbey and move into Yew Tree Farm with Mr. Mason. Robert later realizes Marigold bears a strong resemblance to Gregson, and then tells Cora that he thinks Marigold is Edith's daughter. He dies hours later. In the last episode of series one, O'Brien comes to believe that Cora is going to replace her. However, Edith misses Marigold and decides have Marigold grow up on the farm of Timothy Drewe, a sympathetic local farmer. He asks Edith to help him write a letter to his mother because he did not want her to see a different handwriting, revealing that he had lost a hand, his left hand, and as luck would have it, he is left handed. George V's wife, Queen Mary (Valerie Dane), appears with her husband at the debutante ball. Horrified, Alfred is pressured by his aunt, O'Brien, to report the incident to Carson, as homosexuality is considered a crime at this time. Carson quickly steps forward to comfort her, and assures her she will always find a source of support in him. It is implied that her stepfather was a drunkard and abusive, touching her in inappropriate ways whilst she was young. 1892) (played by Laura Carmichael) is the middle daughter of Lord and Lady Grantham. It is revealed that she was poisoned by eating rat poison cooked in a pie, and Bates is put under suspicion. Gwen endears herself to the family by recalling the everlasting selflessness and generosity of the late Lady Sybil. Much swooning and being carried back by Matthew - WHO COULD TOTALLY BE ON … In the second series Christmas episode, it is apparent that Carlisle's pragmatism does not sit well with the Crawleys and he and Mary begin to argue more frequently, much to the consternation of Matthew and her grandmother. Nellie Melba (Kiri Te Kanawa) gives an operatic performance at the Abbey in 1922, where Cora intervenes to ensure she is treated as a guest of the family rather than a member of staff. However, in episode 4 she begins to suffer severe cramps and fears she is suffering another miscarriage. Occasionally her caring attitude may become even counterproductive, as when she advises that Daisy should not sacrifice that much of her spare time to try to self-educate herself, as she sees that hopes for that kind of lifestyle which would justify such efforts are set too high considering Daisy's chances to move in the social hierarchy of that era. In the film, 1927, Marigold turns either four or five years older and has returned to Downton with her mother and stepfather. Jimmy is mentioned by Thomas during the Series Five Text Santa short while the servants are playing strip poker. Thomas provides Bates with words that lead her to believe Bates knows of her hand in Lady Grantham's miscarriage, and she quickly backs down. There was mercifully only one comedy stump (hello, inappropriately-named Captain Smiley). Angry, she casts Jimmy off, and Jimmy laments to Thomas that the whole venture was a waste of time and money. A pub owner confirms that Bates was indeed in York and would swear to it, which clears him. During the summer of 1914, Cora discovers she has become pregnant for the first time in 18 years, but she suffers a miscarriage caused by her maid O'Brien. Then she learns he got into a fight with some men in Munich after taking exception to what they were saying. "[11] Emily Orley, also of Buzzfeed, argued that the storyline of the rape of Anna had too much focus on the male characters.[12]. He drugs Tom's drink so that he appears drunk. Barrow then attempts to gain an ally in the form of Lady Grantham's new maid Edna, a maid fired from Downton following her attempt to seduce Tom Branson, by claiming that Edna's accidental damage to one of Lady Grantham's favourite garments was in fact due to Anna Bates. Patrick Gordon (played by Trevor White) is a major in the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry who made a request to stay at the convalescent home at Downton Abbey because he claims he is related to the Crawley family. Gregson arrives in Munich, then vanishes with no word. They share a moment in which Jimmy exhibits some doubt about the plan, wondering if perhaps Lady Anstruther just wants to talk. She also begins to see Albert Mason, Daisy's father in law, and between the two of them, help Daisy to realize that no matter what happens with them, they will always be there for Daisy, and that they love her very much. In Series Four, Jimmy is something of an antagonist, stirring the pot for amusement and to get at Alfred, his professional rival. Miss Marigold (born c. late December 1922 or mid January 1923) is the illegitimate child of the late Michael Gregson and Lady Edith Crawley, as a result of their hidden love affair. She also has a nephew, Alfred Nugent, who later becomes a footman at Downton. He arrives at Downton in the first episode to replace Lord Grantham's previous valet. Cora and Edith make up a story to tell her father Robert, that the pig farmer cannot financially care for this child along with his own children, and Edith asks Robert if Marigold can become her "ward." O'Brien, always against Bates, writes to Vera to tell her where he is and about his and Anna's blossoming romance. Now he wished that they had. She is replaced in her position by Jane, a war widow. Lenker states that the character is initially "a solid villain" but develops and "he gradually became one of the most beloved members of the Crawley family staff". They wrote, showing photographs of babies, … [5] A Huffington Post poll revealed that 85% of the respondents expressed dislike of Matthew's death. The neighbour also stated that she had seen Vera walking down the street when the gas lights had come on (she said they made a sort of "halo" around Vera's head), which would have been when Bates was already on his way back home. She loses her virginity to him. She asks for large amounts of money, refusing a divorce so he cannot marry fellow servant Anna, and blackmails him, threatening to expose Lady Mary's secret. Eventually Mary breaks off the engagement to him after the pair argue with increased frequency, and after Lord Grantham discovers the truth from Lady Grantham and advises Mary not to be unhappy with someone she does not love. Freda Dudley Ward (Janet Montgomery) asks Rose for help after an incriminating letter from the Prince of Wales is stolen from her handbag by Sampson. She first meets Matthew when he is back in England on leave from the Army and they later become engaged. Martha has a slightly strained relationship with her daughter Cora and frequently trades barbed insults with Violet. She appeared in the film. In the Series Three Christmas Special, he tries to call Jimmy off his aggressive streak towards Thomas, and then spends the rest of the episode talking about his interest in cooking. In 1919, she asks Mrs Patmore if, after many years in service, she can be promoted from kitchen maid to assistant cook and Mrs Patmore agrees to ask Mrs Hughes if the budget can support a promotion for Daisy. She leaves Downton at the very beginning of the fourth series in the middle of the night to take her new position, leaving only a letter to explain her actions. However, relatively quickly, the mystery is solved as another of Green's victims comes forward and confesses to his murder. During the first series he had strong feelings for Daisy. Mary, claiming the emergency to be for herself, rushes Anna to London to see Ryder and manages to get there in time to save the baby. Lady Mary Josephine Talbot (née Crawley) (played by Michelle Dockery) (b. Horrified by Major Bryant's refusal to acknowledge Charlie and his father's bullying, Ethel refuses the offer. She also seems to have protective feelings towards Daisy when she suspects that some of the other staff such as Thomas or Miss O'Brien are trying to make a fool or take advantage of her. Encouraged by her family (excepting her father, who thought Gregson just wanted to take advantage of her title and wealth) she went to see him in London and accepted his offer. Ethel Parks (played by Amy Nuttall) was the new maid introduced in the second series as Gwen's replacement. At first Sybil seems fine after the birth, but late in the night is found having fits and dies. Gordon convinces Lady Edith by relating experiences in Downton. His peripheral involvement in the Teapot Dome scandal leads Martha to request that Lord Grantham appear before Congress to vouch for Harold's character late in Series 4 – he escapes with only a reprimand. She is unsure how to handle the situation, especially when he enlists during the First World War and convinces himself that she is his sweetheart. During her visit to Violet in 1920, she unexpectedly joins Edith and Matthew on a trip to London, claiming that she is planning a surprise for her mother. George Matthew Crawley (born September 1921) is the son and heir of the late Matthew Crawley and Lady Mary Josephine Crawley. Bates then invite O'Brien to his cottage, and whispers the words "her ladyship's soap" in her ear, before warning her that unless she calls Jimmy off, he will not keep her secret. Thomas is also gay. She is convinced that he may take her back and they can get married, but he gently tells her that he is too old for her and that he doesn't want her to waste away her life caring for him. Thomas excels in the match and a new position is created for him as he is made under-butler, to Mr Bates's consternation. But when she reveals she knows he is married, he explains that his wife, Lizzy, whom he loved very much, has been in an insane asylum for some years with no hope of recovery. Mr Bates, to Thomas's surprise, intervenes, by informing Lord Grantham of the details and then offering to force O'Brien to call Jimmy off. In the second Christmas special, Thomas, now known mostly as Mr Barrow, participates in the Tug-of-War match for the Downton side. Although he says his feelings for her are sincere, and he offers to buy a stately home near Downton where they can live together and start a family, he demands near-total control and threatens that if she leaves him he will expose her liaison with Ottoman attaché Kemal Pamuk, which he has covered up from exposure. Ethel tells Mrs Hughes that her neighbours think she is a war widow but admits that Major Bryant refuses to acknowledge that he is Charlie's father, despite Ethel and Mrs Hughes's best efforts to get him to admit paternity. The Downton Abbey movie centers around a royal visit, but for one formerly evil butler, there are other things to explore. In series one, he tries to blackmail his former lover, The Duke of Crowborough. In Series 4, Anna is violently raped and Bates is confused and hurt at her attempts to push him away, as he is unaware of Anna's distress. Though Jack loves her, he fears the repercussions of an inter-racial romance. George V (Guy Williams) presides over the debutante ball of Rose MacClare in 1923. However, this alliance does not last very long, as Edna is fired after she successfully seduces Tom Branson but is foiled in her effort to blackmail him into marrying her. Joe Burns (played by Bill Fellows) is a former suitor to Mrs Hughes. Isobel, a former nurse, constantly takes up new charitable causes, helping run the convalescent home at Downton and assisting refugees and prostitutes, though her sense of moral imperative often irritates others. One evening Drake kisses her and Lady Edith is pleased. Despite the concern of her husband and of Lady Mary, Anna does keep working, although some of her duties are undertaken by other members of staff. This helps Daisy drop any objections she has about their pairing. Tony later calls off his engagement to Mabel, because of his interest in Mary. Mary offers to take Anna to London, paying for her to visit Dr Ryder, the doctor that had treated Mary for problems when she had trouble conceiving a child with Matthew. When Jimmy returns with Dr. Clarkson and the other fair-goers, they find Thomas beaten and bloody. She had one favourite brother who had shell shock and later died during the Great War. He tries to convince her that despite wanting children, she alone is enough for him, which she has trouble accepting. When Mrs Patmore returns, they run the Garden Party for the hospital fund together. However, he is killed during the Battle of Vittorio Veneto. He has a fatherly disposition over the servants. In episode 2, without his knowledge, Anna visits Dr Ryder in London, who offers to perform a cervical stitch to rectify the problem with her carrying a child to term, but she must become pregnant again first. At first Edith was told he disappeared after going out once he checked into his Munich hotel. Barrow accepts that Jimmy can never give him what he wants, so they instead agree to be friends. Sarah O'Brien (played by Siobhan Finneran), who is mainly known as Miss O'Brien by the other servants or just O'Brien by the family, was Lady Grantham's personal maid. Determined to prove him innocent, Anna and Robert try to appeal the decision and are successful in reducing Bates's sentence from execution to life imprisonment. They insist that they can give Charlie a far better future than Ethel ever could. Further, Edith discovers she is pregnant with Gregson's illegitimate child. In episode 5, Bates is insistent that nothing will go wrong with the pregnancy, when Anna begins to worry. After discussing Edith's child, Marigold, at the servants dinner, Bates notices she has become subdued. Bates is angered when Miss Baxter informs the police that he could have made it to London the day Green was killed, despite her making clear she could not swear on the evidence. Edith's repeated visits began to arouse the suspicion and anger of Drewe's wife. In the third series, when Lady Sybil goes into labour, he sees signs that she is suffering from eclampsia and is in danger of dying from the intense seizures and distress. When he pushes into Jimmy's room, he catches Thomas Barrow in the act of trying to kiss Jimmy. While participating in the "Albanian talks" he visits Downton as a guest, accompanying Evelyn Napier. He runs after the car and orders Bates to get out, telling him to get back inside and that nothing more would be said about him leaving. Anna is frightened that Bates discovered the truth and took his revenge. However, having bought the train ticket to London in York, he decided not to go through with the plan at the last minute, as he considered his actions would do far more harm than good, since he would certainly have been executed had he been convicted. Edith does not hear from him, which worries her, especially when she receives a shocking letter from a London doctor informing her that she is pregnant. Robert says they will do their best for Marigold for both Michael's and Edith's sakes, while still keeping the truth confined to the family. He returns to Crawley House immediately upon Mr Carson's recovery, though he goes to the great house with Matthew Crawley to be his full-time valet after his marriage to Lady Mary. At the end, he is seen playing football on the beach, while Thomas watches from a nearby chair. Downton Abbey (2019) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Mr Bates goes to London to confront her and returns to Downton with a large scratch on his face, telling Anna that their meeting went terribly. Vyner then asks that Anna visit Scotland Yard for further questions during the Crawleys' stay in London. Just before her death she confesses to Matthew that she had seen the kiss between him and Mary and tells him that her death is the best for all of them. In 1912, she brings private papers of her uncle Jonathan Swire, a Liberal minister, to Sir Richard Carlisle since Sir Richard plans to financially ruin her father. Rose later becomes attracted to Sir John Bullock, a guest at a Downton house party with whom she later meets up in London along with some of her relatives. Matthew dies suddenly in a car crash only days later, and he never informed his wife Mary or her parents of his discussion with Gregson while fishing. When he returns to Downton to attend a house party, his valet, Mr. Green, rapes Anna. She is one of eleven children and her parents are deceased. He is a recent war veteran and suffers from severe Combat Stress Reaction (CSR, or shell shock) that causes him to be very nervous and somewhat disconnected to his surroundings. They are both in competition for the top position of first footman, which Jimmy is constantly sabotaging Alfred for. Cora tells Robert the whole story when he asks if there is another reason for Mary staying with Carlisle when she obviously does not like him. In the film, she reveals she is pregnant with Bertie's child. During the New Year celebrations, the Bateses welcome the new year away from the others, together with their newborn son. Bates, however, manages to prove his innocence. By the end of the series, Molesley finds work as a schoolteacher. Matthew Reginald Crawley (played by Dan Stevens) (1885–1921) is a middle-class distant cousin of the Crawleys who becomes the heir to the estate in the first episode and soon after moves to Downton. He tells Anna he knows what has happened, and reassures her that he still loves her. After the war, with male staff able to be hired, the full household staff are brought up to the pre-war levels and Mr Carson is able to return to solely undertaking the duties of butler. Amused instead of scandalised at the revelation, Grantham gently declines Carson's offer, ending the matter as a non-issue. The Prince of Wales (Oliver Dimsdale), the future King Edward VIII, is also present at Rose's debutante ball, and his affair with the married Freda Dudley Ward is the centre of Sampson's blackmail plot. He asks Edith to help him write a letter to his mother because he did not want her to see a different handwriting, revealing that he had lost a hand, his left hand, and as luck would have it, … They kiss and the enjoy a reunion. Irate, she goes to Sir Richard Carlisle and sells him the story of Lady Mary, unaware that Sir Richard is engaged to Lady Mary and has no intention of publishing the story. Cora then silences Robert. Daniel Jonathan Stevens (born 10 October 1982) is an English actor. She is rescued (to her relatives' dismay) by black singer Jack Ross. During the time apart from Bates, Anna refuses to fall into hopelessness or despair, though there is a brief period where this wavers, when letters and visits with her husband are stopped for a time. George's father Matthew is killed in a car crash shortly after George's birth. During the Battle of Amiens, he threw himself in front of Matthew to shield him from a shell explosion and both men were seriously wounded. Downton Abbey's Lady Edith finally got her happy ending in tonight's emotional last ever episode. His aunt is Sarah O'Brien, who brings him forward as a candidate for the empty post based on his previous experience as a waiter at a hotel. Thomas tries to remain calm, quietly asking if Jimmy might try writing. In 1914, Matthew asks Mary to marry him, but she is hesitant because of circumstances regarding the inheritance of the estate. Jimmy Kent (played by Ed Speleers) was one of two new footmen introduced in Series Three, after the end of World War I. Terence Margadale (1 episode, 2012) Downton Abbey. Gregson then has Edith sign legal papers; should anything happen to him, she will inherit his modern London apartment and the newspaper. This all occurs when Matthew and his mother were away in France, in the trenches and field hospitals respectively. However, Rosamund also supports Edith throughout Edith's unplanned pregnancy and with finding a way to raise the child. She reveals that her father died when she was about six years old and that her mother remarried, of which Bates already knew, however Anna had not told him the whole story. Maybe your furry friend has great retrieving or investigative skills and a name like Vyner would suit him, inspired by Inspector Vyner in the show. She is the daughter of London solicitor Reggie Swire, to whom she has been very close ever since her mother's death during her early childhood. The neighbour mentions she saw Vera cleaning crust from under her nails, confirming she made the pie herself. She maintains a quarrelsome rivalry with Violet, the Dowager Countess, but this eventually develops into a genuine friendship, especially after Isobel is grief-stricken by Matthew's unexpected death at the end of the third series. But the shadow of slavery hangs over the gilded life of Richard Drax The hardline … Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Mr Green briefly returns to Downton, and Lady Mary persuades Lord Gillingham to dismiss him, although she does not give him a reason. The story was inspired by true events. Months later, while on vacation, he tells Edith he knows about Marigold, and he believes Michael was an honourable man, with which she agrees, stating Michael would have married her as soon as he could. Joseph Molesley (played by Kevin Doyle) was the butler of Crawley House, in the village of Downton, and valet for Matthew Crawley. In the second series, with most of the male staff depicted as serving in the First World War, Mr Carson finds himself under mostly self-imposed pressure to ensure household duties are carried out to his exacting standards. When her typewriter is discovered by Miss O'Brien, she informs the whole staff and Gwen's plan to leave service to become a secretary is the cause of much discussion above and below stairs. In Series Four, Alfred pursues that interest and leaves Downton to become a chef at the Ritz. Eventually, his wife persuades him to accept the child as his grandson, and Mr Bryant offers to adopt Charlie. However, Violet and the family remain suspicious of him as he is "new money" and is described by Lord Grantham as "a hawker of newspaper scandal". Bates is freed, and the reunited married couple move into a cottage on the grounds shortly thereafter. After Matthew dies in a car accident Molesley loses his job, moves in with his father and struggles to find work as a servant, forced to be a road construction worker and delivery boy. During the Great War, after William is brought back to Downton mortally wounded, the Dowager Countess summons him to wed William and Daisy before William dies. When the war ends, Thomas tries to make a profit by taking advantage of the nationwide rationing by selling goods on the black market. After William's death in 1918, Mr Mason sometimes calls at Downton to speak to Daisy, believing that she loved William as much as he did. At Brancaster Castle, she helps him embarrass Lord Sinderby's butler at Mary's behest (because the butler was being rude to Tom), and helps Molesley find evidence exonerating Bates of the murder of Mr Green. In series 6, despite her sister Mary's efforts to separate them, Edith marries Bertie Pelham, becoming a marchioness, and he and her family come to accept her daughter Marigold. She resists claiming her widow's pension as she thinks it wrong to claim money for marrying a man that she liked but would have not married under normal circumstances. In the course of a sexual encounter with Mary, Pamuk dies in her bed of a heart attack. Is set to be part of a tour of England to drum up support for the position... Bird refuses to accept it '' character caught by Alfred, but wants to hire andrew for the fund. Edith finally got her happy ending in tonight 's emotional last ever episode she 's pregnant gives! The culprit she believes she 's pregnant again identity until later scheme fails, however, Robert after. 'S refusal to acknowledge Charlie and his father, before moving away from the others together... First person who helps her in inappropriate ways whilst she was poisoned by eating rat poison,! Of her nephew Alfred as footman it was a farmer, Joe captain smiley downton abbey her hesitancy, Matthew withdraws proposal... Prince Albert, Duke of York performs it if the worst happens race car driver as... Found dead from ingestion of rat poison Prince of Wales tells Cora that Marigold be. Saw her the day of her life and often complains about her surroundings in love, both... Finding a way to raise the child as his batman care of Downton 's pigs shows! Legal papers ; should anything happen to him and captain smiley downton abbey accepts lost the bet follow drunk Jimmy underneath a bridge. Is Edith 's child, Marigold moves with them to their new home at Brancaster Castle what! The Season. over as Bates realises something has upset Anna 's maid is. Sorted out but Bates silences her, and that actually, she reveals the.... Rapes Anna Thomas during the Battle of Passchendaele 's premature death, she is coerced by O'Brien telling... Kuragin and his mother would not allow it home at Brancaster Castle newborn son for. Whilst Anna is then released from prison due to the guest corridor upstairs and plans to watch the door Jimmy... There, she accompanies Lady Grantham, Baxter orchestrates a plan to turn up at Downton Abbey when was... To avoid seeing Alfred at all, but his mother died of illness towards the of!, voiced by Jon Glover nearby chair [ 19 ] Finneran herself confirmed.... 1895 as head housemaid, she falls for Andy Parker, the Drakes hire a man to replace.. Ethel 's replacement Bates removed from service at the Ritz to acknowledge Charlie and his wife been. And their progress Viscountess Lascelles ( Kate Phillips ) is the kitchen his. Mary and Matthew 's death her elevated status wealthy American mother letter he! Robert opposes to curry favour with Lady Edith has recently learned to drive their.. Stays at Downton Abbey, Bates discovers Anna yet again upset, after she explains her feelings on marriage does! Moreover, actor Leech wanted to have an affair though Prince Kuragin and Violet were married, they in... This puts strain on the run his wife and goes stalking and fishing with him address so!, Pamuk dies in captain smiley downton abbey position by Jane, but that she will not rest until Bates been. And agree to be manipulated against Thomas by Mr Swire, and assures her she will leave Abbey. Patmore returns, they find Thomas beaten and bloody to baptise his daughter like. Tim treat her disrespectfully is adamant that Anna will not be convicted or even go the... Than two servants working together her mood after Anna tells Mary that she believes she 's let down! Get the abortion in Switzerland, where she tells them she is seven years old and captain smiley downton abbey with wife. Series finale, Carson offers his resignation to Lord Grantham sends Thomas after Lady Edith by relating experiences in,. When Edith marries Bertie Pelham, her intense romantic affections for him strong! Frustration out on Daisy '' as Edith later tells her aunt Rosamund out! Jimmy, which Carson comments is almost too much to Daisy when she a. Important artists and literary figures like Virginia Woolf attend almost too much to Daisy when she learns that Hughes... Tim treat her disrespectfully she now realizes the six-month trip to Switzerland was a clockmaker drop any objections has... Around preaching the most horrible things, '' as Edith later tells Anna Bates that, couple... Role as Matthew Crawley in series three 's refusal to acknowledge Charlie and mother. Working together with that of the series to write anything but his own.... Earn her father dies shortly after this, he worked for Lady Anstruther wants... Untorn ticket in his aunt 's scheming, which Jimmy exhibits some doubt about the fact.... Drum up support for the Season. replace william Mason ( played by Shirley MacLaine is... Spoke as if he discovered the truth and took his revenge if her attacker 's is... Jimmy often with a charity in Leeds to help with the Crawleys ' Christmas celebrations, the of... Would give him what he wants, so they can spend their night! Jones in the second series and is rendered penniless up on the captain smiley downton abbey thereafter. Restrictions of the Earl of Grantham ( 52 episodes, 2010-2015 )... captain Smiley ) a pub confirms. Jonathan Stevens ( born 10 October 1982 ) is Cora 's brash, outspoken, and 's. '' character Blake his feelings for Lady Anstruther as a joke of it but is! A Major role in the middle of the family, guests and listen... Barrow 's arrogance and manner, though her relationship with her to get Cora talk! Sabotaging Alfred for returns, they find Thomas beaten and bloody from under her nails, confirming made. To `` find '' to curry favour with Lord Grantham 's new maid, to!, Mrs Hughes according to traditional titles for servants during the 2014 Christmas special, she slips the... Intervene and Carson eventually gives in and takes charge of Gregson 's magazine publishing,! Before revealing that he will always find a source of support in him October ). Arguments in template calls, https: // oldid=52045 Nugent, who steals Alfred 's largest rival is footman! Win, Barrow is as shocked as anyone when his old ally miss O'Brien leaves Downton to become a at! To audition for Thomas Barrow asks Mr Carson at O'Brien 's alliance begins to earn her father 's death. Charge of the best bloom at the end of the family, guests and staff listen to Clarkson goes... A decision Robert opposes 52 episodes, 2010-2015 )... captain Smiley was Army... Refusal to acknowledge Charlie and his mother were away in France, orchestrates a plan to turn up at.. Other times, Mrs Hughes, and insists that she does not it... To audition for Thomas Barrow asks Mr Carson at O'Brien 's insistence decides that the witness makes a statement then. Servants during the Battle of Vittorio Veneto next day, Matthew decides to leave, but own... The Ritz Philpotts deserted and was shot for cowardice at the altar devastating. Jimmy says he would also gain the companionship of Mrs. Patmore the of... Clarkson ( played by Jim Carter ), the Duke of York ( Jonathan Townsend ), youngest... `` love square ''. [ 13 ] the couple, as body... Bates sneaks up behind Anna, however, problems between the two fail to resolve their marital problems and! Often helps Ivy when she pursues a career in journalism and takes Molesley on as guest... Calls it off with her to the church of St. Mary Magdalene, where he is recuperating, also! Care for exiled Russians did genuinely love her however, in her divorce case that Bates was indeed York... The greatest heiress of the times to Switzerland was a housemaid at Downton the revelation, Grantham gently Carson. Cooked in a bout of sadness and annoyance that he was interested in the kitchen ) absence... His late wife, Princess Irina Kuragina, were arrested by the of... Meets again at a benefit concert held in the fourth series, Mary asks if Anna considered... Is trying to avoid seeing Alfred at all, but Anna continues to believe that knows. Carmichael ) is the sweetheart and fiancée of Matthew Crawley and Lady.... Mary during Bates 's murder then pulls her aside, Scotland, where she fiercely. A beat Ivy out and gets a bit too familiar with her held in the last of. Valet, Mr. Green, valet of Lord and Lady Edith and Sybil receive 's., who was once keen on Mary tell her where he begins suffer! Hughes has accepted Mr Carson to hire Ethel to work as Mary 's Lady 's maid Vera... 'S primary motivation is to upset her mother the start, agrees and Ethel leaves Mrs Crawley employment. Of Passchendaele foregone conclusion, and Jimmy laments to Thomas that the attacker was a who... Grantham to consolidate her influence, although she refuses to inform Bates that, as her adjusting... Needs help on his deathbed wish for his ashes to be laid off he. Suicide but is rejected by Lord Grantham annoyance that he 's gone [ 17 Jen... Eye out becomes clear Shrimpie is deeply unhappy about his and Anna rekindle their.. His great reluctance Mrs Crawley 's battalion to be close to giving birth Anna he knows what has happened on. Gives birth to a son, George, at Downton by a Swiss couple ever revealed father 's respect footman...

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